Oia’s Magical Atmosphere

The story of Petros family tavern is very old. It opened for the first time in 1948 as a simple, cozy tavern. Alekos Passaris and his wife, Artemia, would welcome the locals at the time, offering whatever they had, some Greek appetizer and wine. Then, his son, Petros, took over with his own wife Maria, who continued the tradition, offering authentic tastes made with love and pure ingredients. Petros was fishing, Maria was cooking and people enjoyed it!

Over the years the business passed to the third generation. Alexandros, Petros and Maria’s son, continues with respect what his ancestors built, adding, however, some modern elements and an air of renewal with the chef Marinos Pagonis.

The cuisine of Petros is based on simple, yet powerful, flavors. Every dish prepared here has its base in some old recipes of Grandfather Alekos and Grandma Artemia. As well as then, pure ingredients are selected, many of which come from the family’s production, so as the result to be of great taste and quality.

Although the menu is rich and includes many Mediterranean flavors, with a variety of appetizers, salads, pasta and cooked meals, what’s really worth tasting is the fish and seafood. Alexandros fishes on daily basis with his caique, trying to cover most of the tavern’s needs. When the demand is greater, some other local fishermen, people Alexandros trusts, undertake to bring fresh fish at Petros tavern.

At a fabulous spot, famous for its natural beauty, you will enjoy typical Greek flavours that remind of a Sunday’s family gathering!

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